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$200 000+$0050 000100 000150 000200 000 $ per year
35+009182635 years experience

Registered Nurse salary compare to me

average $74.6k


highest $92.9k

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salary by city

The chart below shows salaries by city. You can add additional cities and add your own salary to the chart to compare figures.

Los Angeles, CAPhoenix, AZSan Jose, CAHouston, TXNew York, NYPhiladelphia, PASan Diego, CAChicago, ILSan Antonio, TXDallas, TX10.0k20.0k30.0k40.0k50.0k60.0k70.0k80.0k0.0084.2k

salary by experience

This chart shows salary over time. To compare your salary add your experience to the chart.

0 - 2 years3 - 5 years6 - 10 years11+ years0.0020.0k40.0k60.0kAverage Salary0.0075.5k